Thursday, April 8, 2010

awesome desk !

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Sunday, April 4, 2010


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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Painting....

Just painted this lil dinger last night & finished framing it this morning. It's a Daruma doll present in Japanese culture and used for the procurement of wishes. Typically- the eyes are empty on a Daruma when you first get it- you apint one in and make a wishe- then when the wish is fulfilled you fill in the other eye. Anyways, my Daruma looks like he's on acid!! :)

What do you think? I am always open to helpful critiques!

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Sunday, March 28, 2010


Hi everyone!!

   So as I promised I am going to be starting my giveaway this week! I decided to give away my "Blossoms in Balance 8x10 Print". This photography/ digital art mix is absolutely beautiful & will look stunning in any home or office! Definitely brings a sort of tranquility & kind beauty to any room. Below is a small watermarked version of the image- the print will be signed & dated and is printed on archival quality matte paper. Check out the listing HERE. 

Here's how to ENTER & Hopefully WIN this contest!!

For ONE Entry
Follow my blog, then...
Visit ME on Etsy, heart one of your faves, then come back and comment on which item you hearted from my shop. Comment once a day for additional entries (1 per day)

For TWO Entries
Follow me on Twitter and TWEET about this giveaway!

For THREE Entries
Blog about this giveaway and post a comment with links to it!

For FIVE Entries
Purchase any item from my shop & leave a comment about your purchase! 

Entries are STACKED- so if you do all of the above today you will receive 11 entries! Plus comment daily with a new item and keep adding on!! 

Winner will be drawn on SUNDAY APRIL 11th by. Winner will be notified by email & is given 48 hours to claim their prize or a new winner will be picked.

Good luck & Happy Spring!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010


My goodness, I must apologize for the step away from my blog these past 2 weeks.

My life has been flourishing in so many different ways, and I can barely keep up with myself! I am steadily moving towards my goals for this month. I have applied & been accepted to an awesome Yoga program at the St.Petersburg Yoga Center here in Florida & I am almost at my months sales goal of 10 sales! 7 so far & just 3 more to make it! So far this month I have been in 2 treasuries & 2 blogs, as well as a Youtube video feature. Things have definitely progressed all around! Below you will see my newest print available on Etsy- be sure to check it out full view Here!

   Currently my health is a major focal point in my life, as it should always be. I will admit the past two years have really been detrimental to my body, as well as emotional, and mental health. I firmly believe that when one of those aspects is off center- it reflects in the others too. So after putting on much weight & really becoming drastically down about it, I have taken initiative and started an amazingly refreshing & strong workout program! Look out for my next post which details this program, and includes my (very) embarassing measurements haha!

Happy Day & thanks for checking in!

P.S. Also- next post I will be starting a new GIVEAWAY! Be sure to check in middle of next week!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Embracing Change...

   Good afternoon!
   Happy Friday!

   So many momentous things have been occuring in my life this past week! From features on LisbonSky to YouTube, I have certainly been feeling the love on this digital scape. The past week has really been a hustle for me on a few different levels. Long ago- before so much changed in my life and confuddled my routine with wishy washy ... confusion, I was once an avid yoga and fitness lover and partaker. I realize that a large part of my unbalance at this time is because I did not stick with my routine- and therefore,  went through multiple physical & emotional changes that I personally say have not been positive. What I'm getting at here, is I finally sat down this week and assessed my current situation and decided to go for my Yoga certification this may at the Samarya Center in Seattle. I feel focused and progressive and am diligently working on a plan to organize my finances by that time- including a radical sale! - at my shop :) In addition to that new development, I'm hopping back across country next Tuesday... (i think?) to Washington to pursue this education and wrap up the home improvements there with Dave. And then I believe we are looking at houses down here in St. Petersburg?? Hahaha- who knows anymore?!

So just a final tidbit- I've been sticking with my project 365 on flickR ( see right for my most recent uploads). Some acid-free fine art prints are available at my Etsy and I am happy to take on custome orders! Here's my pic from yesterday, March 4th.

Much love & happy weekend!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

I've Been Featured!

Check out this super cute lady on YouTube! KissndMakeup featured on eof my rings in her most recent YouTube video. KissndMakeup is a young fashionista who occassionally reviews products, offers styling tips, and does make up demos! She's also having a giveaway! Check out the video below-

Happy Day!

Best wishes to kick off March!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lisbon Sky Giveaway! & More News!

Hey everyone!

To start today off running- I just wanted to tell everyone if you haven't checked out Lisbon Sky's newest post- you should! I've been featured and we are teaming up to giveaway a super sweet prize pack! Don't enter here on my blog- but be sure to check out the interview & enter HERE!


Ok- excuse my massive excitement, but I must admit that it is always nice to work with others in this digital atmosphere! :)

So I have been working a bit more consistently on my Project 365 on FlickR. It s been a bit hard for me to keep up on due to circumstantial issues- but I m feeling a power ballad and I am kicking into high gear in photography- art- and general life production! Here's my shot from Thursday the 25th:

I will be offering some ACEO prints shortly on Etsy! Also - I am preparing to move back to Olympia, WA on the 16 th of March- and have plenty of hoops to find new homes for! Leave a comment if you are interested in picking one up at a discounted price!

Much love- thanks for checkin in!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Brewing Excitement!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Here I am, sitting in Land O Lakes, FL this brisk February afternoon- actually looking forward to heading back to Olympia, WA! Obviously I am super happy to reconnect with my love Dave after 2 months apart, but even more so I am excited to explore some new opportunities in Olympia ( hopefully with him coming along ! ).

Continuous happiness is not something I can fake. I go up- I come down and I am always fighting for some sort of balance. I am easily swept into emotional override mode where I can go into random fits of mania or depression. Definitely not fun for myself- or the ones I live with :) S,o I decided since I am already in motion to go back to Olympia- I should start researching ways to learn more about attaining a certain balance and working to keep myself in check- so I can staty focused on all my goals at hand. In my research I located a Buddhist temple in downtown OLY- which ironically enough is having an "Anger" workshop (*teehee*) the Saturday after I arrive! Lucky me- just in time to keep my self in check and keep on a humble, focused path!

In addition to that I look forward to possibly starting a Yoga certification program and finding an apprenticeship in Seattle. I did do what I had to do in Tampa- and it worked out in a strange way- but now I am heading back to the west coast with renewed vigor and focus! Just gotta stick to the game plan!

Thanks for the quick check in- much lov!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Really, the 9th of February Already??

Is it me? Or does time actually seem to go faster as every day passes on? ( Its not just me- I know! Heres a link to an interesting response to one person's query : )

Well, here we are, already a third of the way through February. I'm still in Florida- attempting to make get all my ducks into a row. Sadly a few of my duckies seem spasmatically ( yes, I made that up ) inclined to rebel from any such order. As soon as one light turns green I realize I ve gotten a flat tire while waiting! Haha - all to be taken with a grain of salt! I did succeed in getting into a tattoo shop- sadly however, it seems that shop is riddled with issues beyond my interest and I dont know that they are a fair representation of me- or an experience I really wish pursue.

I've been having lots of interesting fun with my on again off again love that is way far away - but still dear to my heart! I recently heard someone say "If it's not hard to do it's not worth it". Mind you- I think it was an Australian, which makes me respect it all the more! And in a sense I know that statement is right, but deary me what a rollercoaster!

On the up- up side, I have been crazy productive! I've started re-purposing hand bags with new art on them & I have been dabbling in creating some lovely femme fatale accessories.

So although chaotic- I remain in a state of growth and progress. I do have a few fabulous things to look forward to such as a blog feature on LisbonSky where I will be giving away a set of 5 prints! Be sure to check it out next week and enter! Also, KissNDMakeup is featuring one of my rings on her upcoming video- I will be sure to post a direct link to that as well.

Thanks for taking a peak! I look forward to hearing from you!
ToBeTattooed & TheHipRevolution

Thursday, January 28, 2010

In Keeping With Challenge...

Hi everyone!

So I am well into my 30 day challenge with paintings. It is a bit of a pain to keep inspired- but it is well worth it! My newest has been a series of 3 small original postcards which you can find on my Etsy.

They are no masterpieces (LoL!!) but they are in the train of my 30 days of painting! So voila! I am going for my second interview today at a local shop- and I am hoping that my next post will be about my first shop!

Keep the good juju going for me lovelies!
Thanks a bunch!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Triumph in Shang Hai

Happy Sunday everyone!

To my personal disbelief I have been in Florida for two weeks (as of tomorrow!). Time has flown by and although I've thought often of my lost love, and my two kittens ( Sasquatch & Irish) but all in all, I must say- the Florida sun has kept me full of endorphins and positivity!

I have been hard at work restocking my hoop shop and painting. As a challenge to myself I kinda made a promise to do thirty paintings in thirty days. I am successfully on day four with my newest painting of a traditional japanese lady. If you are interested in keeping up with my art, please follow my deviant art account here!

It's been fun being back with my family in Florida, my two brothers, parents, Schnucki & Niko ( dog & cat respectively) are a pretty tight knit clan. Since moving to Washington State I definitely felt way too separated and am grateful to have this opportunity to spend time with them. Although the house is a bit of a clusterf*ck excuse my language, it is cleaner & more positive then my previous residence.

So this afternoon and tomorrow I have the plan of going out and getting into a shop. Essentially my darling Dave and I are slowly and painfully splitting apart - so I dont think I have any need on planning a trip back to Washington, except of course to see my lovely Tush! perform. So far I've skated 8 miles this week- something which was impossible due to terrain and weather in WA, and I feel myself getting back to my natural state of happiness. So all in all there are ups & downs as is usual, but at least things are getting better for me :)

Finally- I just wanted to put a note out there that I have added some gorgeous new Weighted Hoola Hoops too my Etsy - which are great for beginners and a fun workout too.

Stay tuned for another bonus/giveaway/contest in the beginning of February! And I am taking suggestions on what YOU would like it to be!

Much love

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Oh My!

Deary Me at has been a moment since I posted!

Basically I made a break for the sunshine and ran across country to stay with my family for the rest of the winter... I must admit- it has been nothing but great for me!

Lots of sunshine & exercise- and even a bit of inspiration. Well, I just wanted to drop a line as I am getting organized here & hope to be doing a more formal blogpost soon!

Much love, health, & happiness!javascript:void(0)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Best Breakfasts' & Unexpected Moves Across Country

Top o' the mornin' to ya!

Here in Olympia, WA there is only one place to get breakfast done right. It's a wee cafe at the end of 4th Ave called New Moon Cafe. From what I understand it is owned and run by a young college student which makes this breakfast nook all the more impressive!

Boasting thee BEST coffee I have ever had, always rich, freshly brewed, and served with a smile I find I can never pass up a cup o joe when I am at New Moon.

New Moon offers plenty of Vegetarian & Vegan options, such as a delicious Tempeh Reuben & Tofu scramble. In addition to that they have plenty of carnivorous options including a Smoked Salmon omelette and lots of burgers to boot. I find that the key to New Moon's success is the freshest ingredients around. New Moon is a mark in the local community makes avid efforts to practice sustainable methods. Be sure if you come out to Olympia to try this local fave! (The biscuits are outrageously delicious!)

Ok- so enough about breakfast- I am such a foodie!

In an uncanny change of events I am moving back to Florida on Monday - so in ... 4 days??! In an effort to clear out all my inventory I am having a Buy One Get One Free Sale in both my shops on Artwork & Hoola Hoops!

I find that the grey in Washington definitely puts a damper on my spirit and I am a child of the beach and sun. So my plan is to get down to Tampa, slap on my rollerblades and skate my bum back into shape and get back to the beaches! Secretly I cant wait- but I am nervous because I am leaving Dave behind.I've never had to do a "long distance" relationship and I feel stressed just thinking about it!

Here I am, promising to take it day-by-day and committed to making my life better and not stress about the relationship! In the meantime- you should go take a peek at my Etsy shops and help me clear this motha out!!

Much love,

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Beginning My VIsion Board for 2010

1.1.10 (pt deux)
Originally uploaded by tobetattooed
Hi Everyone!

I am stoked to be starting off 2010 proper! I have started my vision board and wanted to post my beginnings here to motivate anyone else. I find it incredibly valuable to have something visual to remind me of my goals on a daily basis. Without something to keep me on track I am honestly a wayward heart! So a few things on my board that I started with were

~ my financial goal to save $1000- it's gonna be a feat, but a fun challenge! I aimed
high because it will keep me motivated- I will be plenty to end up with only
fraction of that in my savings!
~ to be Happier- I know, its a simple concept, but often I become so busy &
overwhelmed that I forget to enjoy the simple things in life.
~ to get into a tattoo shop on a permanent basis, this should help in my savings
~ I also posted an old picture of myself up, because I am aiming to get my body back
to that this year! woot!

~ Everyday I am going to post a new list of things to do to keep me focused and
working consistently towards my goals. Plus it should help with my organizing!
Also, I like to cross things off my list :)

~ Lastly- I like to mix pictures of art, color, quotes and more, so with any luck I
will be finished with my board by the end of the week and will share the finished

Ok, so I think I am off to an ok start- I would love to see everyone elses vision boards for inspiration! Please feel free to post them in your comment!

Finally, I am participating in 365 days of Flick'r ( follow my photostream here : )My day 1 photo is in the upper right hand corner of this post!! Much Love & Thanks for checking in!


Friday, January 1, 2010

Starting it off RIGHT!

Congratulations to our winner DigitalMisfit of the $20 gift credit in our giveaway!

Thank you everyone who partook in my first giveaway- it was such a success I think I may have to do another :)

I apologize for the late post- I had gotten a video of the drawing to post with a special new years greeting- but the upload wont clear. Bummer :/ Regardless thanks again and Congrats!

Coming up later this week- I plan on showing everyone my vision board for 2010 ( which I am working on right now !

I am looking forward to a fabulous 2010- as I must admit I never thought that I would be ending 2009 with 2 successful Etsy shops, a blog, a very HAPPY Hoop company! a few tattoos under my belt and even a burlesque performance! So I truly feel capable of anything- and I hope to share that feeling with you!

Stay motivated and focused, keep your goals clear and within reach- and I know YOU can make anything happen!

Much Love in 2010!