Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Painting....

Just painted this lil dinger last night & finished framing it this morning. It's a Daruma doll present in Japanese culture and used for the procurement of wishes. Typically- the eyes are empty on a Daruma when you first get it- you apint one in and make a wishe- then when the wish is fulfilled you fill in the other eye. Anyways, my Daruma looks like he's on acid!! :)

What do you think? I am always open to helpful critiques!

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Sunday, March 28, 2010


Hi everyone!!

   So as I promised I am going to be starting my giveaway this week! I decided to give away my "Blossoms in Balance 8x10 Print". This photography/ digital art mix is absolutely beautiful & will look stunning in any home or office! Definitely brings a sort of tranquility & kind beauty to any room. Below is a small watermarked version of the image- the print will be signed & dated and is printed on archival quality matte paper. Check out the listing HERE. 

Here's how to ENTER & Hopefully WIN this contest!!

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Purchase any item from my shop & leave a comment about your purchase! 

Entries are STACKED- so if you do all of the above today you will receive 11 entries! Plus comment daily with a new item and keep adding on!! 

Winner will be drawn on SUNDAY APRIL 11th by. Winner will be notified by email & is given 48 hours to claim their prize or a new winner will be picked.

Good luck & Happy Spring!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010


My goodness, I must apologize for the step away from my blog these past 2 weeks.

My life has been flourishing in so many different ways, and I can barely keep up with myself! I am steadily moving towards my goals for this month. I have applied & been accepted to an awesome Yoga program at the St.Petersburg Yoga Center here in Florida & I am almost at my months sales goal of 10 sales! 7 so far & just 3 more to make it! So far this month I have been in 2 treasuries & 2 blogs, as well as a Youtube video feature. Things have definitely progressed all around! Below you will see my newest print available on Etsy- be sure to check it out full view Here!

   Currently my health is a major focal point in my life, as it should always be. I will admit the past two years have really been detrimental to my body, as well as emotional, and mental health. I firmly believe that when one of those aspects is off center- it reflects in the others too. So after putting on much weight & really becoming drastically down about it, I have taken initiative and started an amazingly refreshing & strong workout program! Look out for my next post which details this program, and includes my (very) embarassing measurements haha!

Happy Day & thanks for checking in!

P.S. Also- next post I will be starting a new GIVEAWAY! Be sure to check in middle of next week!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Embracing Change...

   Good afternoon!
   Happy Friday!

   So many momentous things have been occuring in my life this past week! From features on LisbonSky to YouTube, I have certainly been feeling the love on this digital scape. The past week has really been a hustle for me on a few different levels. Long ago- before so much changed in my life and confuddled my routine with wishy washy ... confusion, I was once an avid yoga and fitness lover and partaker. I realize that a large part of my unbalance at this time is because I did not stick with my routine- and therefore,  went through multiple physical & emotional changes that I personally say have not been positive. What I'm getting at here, is I finally sat down this week and assessed my current situation and decided to go for my Yoga certification this may at the Samarya Center in Seattle. I feel focused and progressive and am diligently working on a plan to organize my finances by that time- including a radical sale! - at my shop :) In addition to that new development, I'm hopping back across country next Tuesday... (i think?) to Washington to pursue this education and wrap up the home improvements there with Dave. And then I believe we are looking at houses down here in St. Petersburg?? Hahaha- who knows anymore?!

So just a final tidbit- I've been sticking with my project 365 on flickR ( see right for my most recent uploads). Some acid-free fine art prints are available at my Etsy and I am happy to take on custome orders! Here's my pic from yesterday, March 4th.

Much love & happy weekend!