Friday, July 31, 2009

Art... To Be Tattooed

Welcome! Just wanted to drop in and write a quick one up about my new Etsy shop -
where you will find my original artwork. It aint nuthin special, but its mine.
Regardless, I try to produce art of a decent quality, usually reflecting my interest in tattoos and tattooing. Subject matter is mostly inspired from tattoos- especially of neo traditional and japanese styles.
Obviously I am in student mode and have much to learn- I appreciate anyone with any feedback or thoughts on people to take a look at! A sidenote that may be of interest, especially if you are a tattooer- check out my darling Dave Sinor's art here- he's wicked sweet at Japanese - especially dragons.
In addition to creating art- I also am a burlesque dancer with Tush! The Vaudeville Vixens , an Olympia,WA based burlesque debuting in late August.