Sunday, February 28, 2010

I've Been Featured!

Check out this super cute lady on YouTube! KissndMakeup featured on eof my rings in her most recent YouTube video. KissndMakeup is a young fashionista who occassionally reviews products, offers styling tips, and does make up demos! She's also having a giveaway! Check out the video below-

Happy Day!

Best wishes to kick off March!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lisbon Sky Giveaway! & More News!

Hey everyone!

To start today off running- I just wanted to tell everyone if you haven't checked out Lisbon Sky's newest post- you should! I've been featured and we are teaming up to giveaway a super sweet prize pack! Don't enter here on my blog- but be sure to check out the interview & enter HERE!


Ok- excuse my massive excitement, but I must admit that it is always nice to work with others in this digital atmosphere! :)

So I have been working a bit more consistently on my Project 365 on FlickR. It s been a bit hard for me to keep up on due to circumstantial issues- but I m feeling a power ballad and I am kicking into high gear in photography- art- and general life production! Here's my shot from Thursday the 25th:

I will be offering some ACEO prints shortly on Etsy! Also - I am preparing to move back to Olympia, WA on the 16 th of March- and have plenty of hoops to find new homes for! Leave a comment if you are interested in picking one up at a discounted price!

Much love- thanks for checkin in!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Brewing Excitement!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Here I am, sitting in Land O Lakes, FL this brisk February afternoon- actually looking forward to heading back to Olympia, WA! Obviously I am super happy to reconnect with my love Dave after 2 months apart, but even more so I am excited to explore some new opportunities in Olympia ( hopefully with him coming along ! ).

Continuous happiness is not something I can fake. I go up- I come down and I am always fighting for some sort of balance. I am easily swept into emotional override mode where I can go into random fits of mania or depression. Definitely not fun for myself- or the ones I live with :) S,o I decided since I am already in motion to go back to Olympia- I should start researching ways to learn more about attaining a certain balance and working to keep myself in check- so I can staty focused on all my goals at hand. In my research I located a Buddhist temple in downtown OLY- which ironically enough is having an "Anger" workshop (*teehee*) the Saturday after I arrive! Lucky me- just in time to keep my self in check and keep on a humble, focused path!

In addition to that I look forward to possibly starting a Yoga certification program and finding an apprenticeship in Seattle. I did do what I had to do in Tampa- and it worked out in a strange way- but now I am heading back to the west coast with renewed vigor and focus! Just gotta stick to the game plan!

Thanks for the quick check in- much lov!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Really, the 9th of February Already??

Is it me? Or does time actually seem to go faster as every day passes on? ( Its not just me- I know! Heres a link to an interesting response to one person's query : )

Well, here we are, already a third of the way through February. I'm still in Florida- attempting to make get all my ducks into a row. Sadly a few of my duckies seem spasmatically ( yes, I made that up ) inclined to rebel from any such order. As soon as one light turns green I realize I ve gotten a flat tire while waiting! Haha - all to be taken with a grain of salt! I did succeed in getting into a tattoo shop- sadly however, it seems that shop is riddled with issues beyond my interest and I dont know that they are a fair representation of me- or an experience I really wish pursue.

I've been having lots of interesting fun with my on again off again love that is way far away - but still dear to my heart! I recently heard someone say "If it's not hard to do it's not worth it". Mind you- I think it was an Australian, which makes me respect it all the more! And in a sense I know that statement is right, but deary me what a rollercoaster!

On the up- up side, I have been crazy productive! I've started re-purposing hand bags with new art on them & I have been dabbling in creating some lovely femme fatale accessories.

So although chaotic- I remain in a state of growth and progress. I do have a few fabulous things to look forward to such as a blog feature on LisbonSky where I will be giving away a set of 5 prints! Be sure to check it out next week and enter! Also, KissNDMakeup is featuring one of my rings on her upcoming video- I will be sure to post a direct link to that as well.

Thanks for taking a peak! I look forward to hearing from you!
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