Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Really, the 9th of February Already??

Is it me? Or does time actually seem to go faster as every day passes on? ( Its not just me- I know! Heres a link to an interesting response to one person's query : )

Well, here we are, already a third of the way through February. I'm still in Florida- attempting to make get all my ducks into a row. Sadly a few of my duckies seem spasmatically ( yes, I made that up ) inclined to rebel from any such order. As soon as one light turns green I realize I ve gotten a flat tire while waiting! Haha - all to be taken with a grain of salt! I did succeed in getting into a tattoo shop- sadly however, it seems that shop is riddled with issues beyond my interest and I dont know that they are a fair representation of me- or an experience I really wish pursue.

I've been having lots of interesting fun with my on again off again love that is way far away - but still dear to my heart! I recently heard someone say "If it's not hard to do it's not worth it". Mind you- I think it was an Australian, which makes me respect it all the more! And in a sense I know that statement is right, but deary me what a rollercoaster!

On the up- up side, I have been crazy productive! I've started re-purposing hand bags with new art on them & I have been dabbling in creating some lovely femme fatale accessories.

So although chaotic- I remain in a state of growth and progress. I do have a few fabulous things to look forward to such as a blog feature on LisbonSky where I will be giving away a set of 5 prints! Be sure to check it out next week and enter! Also, KissNDMakeup is featuring one of my rings on her upcoming video- I will be sure to post a direct link to that as well.

Thanks for taking a peak! I look forward to hearing from you!
ToBeTattooed & TheHipRevolution

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dace design said...

Yes, you know it is not just you. It's the world that is spinning faster and faster.
Loved your comment about the strange love. And good luck with your creations, go for it, enjoy the inspiration!