Saturday, October 31, 2009

Finally... It's Done!


I didnt personally do much work on this project. I deemed myself logical director and technical creator :). Dave is great at sewing ( thanks to experience sewing marine canvas) so I put him to work on the first ever collapsible hoop tote!

A few mis-stitched later, this tote is fabulous! Perfect for conveniently carrying your collapsible hoola hoop all the while protecting it from damage!

Check out the goods here!

All this hard work is makin me nappy!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

So I think the Winter is Here!

One of the clear signs of season change is shorter days- but what no one ever mentioned to me was that the sun would just D I S A P P E A R! Its true. The past few days have been a solid light grey. No blue sky, no sunshine, just a flat sky of grey. I actualy slept undisturbed until 11:30 am this morning, without realizing it was so late! That can be attributed to the lack of bright morning sun!

So I just wanted to post a bit about my newest ( !top secret! ) project- the perfect tote for your collapsible hoop!

The first tote I am making is in an olive green with some lovely red and yellow details. I love high contrast, bright, and still classic motifs. It has been fun working on my color theory through hoops, art, and other projects! :)

And finally- A sneak peak at my newest collapsible hoop- to be sold with the matching bag debuting this Saturday on my Etsy!

Ok, but don't tell!


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Art Fever!

I've been hammering out a bunch of mini paintings the past week! Just trying to keep it simple and clever! I figure this is the best way to keep myself entertained and at the same time get plenty of practice~

Here are a few of my newest ones, I totally am on a food kick- so I started off with some Nachos & Sushis ( YUM! Maybe not combined though!)

Both of these are matted & framed 4x6" originals for sale under $30! You can find them here . A deliciously calorie free delight for the fanatic!

And I couldnt stop myself with just one sushi- I don't even think I can stop myself with two sushis- but for now here is the sashimi that I painted ( are you cravin sushi yet ?)

We are not done yet! Heres "Ma Cleava" in the Ghouly feeling of the season!

IF you live in the Pacific Northwest- or on the Eastern SeaBoard- or any where else where it can rain for 3 days straight and the sun wont come out- then maybe you will love this happy little rain cloud done kawaii style!

These originals are priced very wallet friendly & will make great stocking stuffers for friends who are either art lovers, kawaii fans, tattoo enthusiast- or self proclaimed foodies! Check em out on my Etsy before your favorites find a new home!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It's 4 Am- Where's My Art?

(Heart McGee 2009- prints and originals available here)

So here I am-

4:33 AM this Wednesday mornin. The mister is a snoozin and I am awake and prepping for a VERY early cycling class. Doing my best to stay active after an untimely wake up at 4am instead of 5 am.

Some of you may have known that last week I took a trip to see the fam in Florida- such a lovely experience. Lot of lovely, bright, energizing sun and heat! I will tell you that I do NOT appreciate 3-7 yr olds on planes. It seems as if the wee children (younger then 3) are fine, they pass out and are relatively mild mannered. But it is once a child registers that with outrageous emotional outbursts their parents go into ignor and do what you want mode. Gr.

Dave & I arrived back in Florida this past Monday after an overnight delay thanks to AirTran- who was absolutely unwilling to give out any type of compensation. Trust me, 45 minutes later on the phone with Thomas from AirTran and all he could say was that "since it was due to weather..." . Lame.

OK- all these complaints are besides the point :) - I brought the sunshine home when we landed in the flat grey of Seattle on Monday afternoon. And with the sunshine came motivation. Just random sparks that enticed me to paint some small simple things- like this delicious "Mmm Pop!" which is soon going to be altered into a fridge magnet!

I have a few more little snazzles to upload- but here is my latest Daruma. You know I love me some Darumas!

Happy Wednesday!
Don't forget to check out more artwork on my Etsy!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

How to Collapse Your Hoop!

Some how my brain got distracted by the number 8 when I was making this picture! Sorry for the confusion! :)

Yes! New Collapsible Hoops are up on Etsy!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fall Colors Photoblog

Autumn is abound. The sky remains bright for now, providing the perfect complement to the trees shades of golds and rich reds.

The beauty of transition is everywhere. When going about your daily life it is hard to miss, but also easy to neglect.

Maybe today you will pause, and appreciate the beauty surrounding you during this season. The beauty outside will reflect that inside, so be sure to soak it all up!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Todays Mission Briefing

Today's Plans-

List hoops that I made yesterday. They are rad. Be sure to check out how rad HERE. :)

There s a little sneak preview .

Next up to the ... is it the Jim? Nope, the gym.

But most importantly, it is too gorgeous a day for me not to do a photoblog of the lovely fall that is upon us! I woke up all muddled in murkiness since I missed my Pa's birthday yesterday for the second year in a row. I m not used to being so separated from my dear familia so far away in Florida! But with the sun a shinin today I cannot let sadness sweep me away!
Photoblog comin tomorrow AM!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Community Thanks

A few days ago Dave & I experienced another passing of a loved one. Our boat was just rocked with the passing of Dave's Aunt a week or two back. It's been tough to go through it again so soon. I stepped back from my blog & art & Etsy and have been spending time with Dave & his familia in hopes of making things easier for everyone.

So last night, I logged into my Etsy to see what was going on and truly felt behind in my business & life in general. Trying to maintain a shop presence on a consistent level daily can be overwhelming. And after having a few days off it seems even more heavy, because I don't feel like I can just jump back in 100% . I posted a Positive Energy thread hoping for a few pick me ups from the community. I just posted and left- just a momentary expression of the self in a community of 1000's of hardworking busy bees! This morning I logged in to check the thread to see if anyone had offered any keys to how I could get my mojo back.

The response was FANTASTIC! I've only been a community member for a few months, so I couldn't expect anything- but I feel like the handful of people that responded were truly caring. After I have spent days hiding from Etsy, Blogging, Twittering and so on and so forth, it was this thread that has got me to write this. A small step in a big picture, but a worthwhile step regardless!

Thanks again to everyone who so kindly spoke up!