Thursday, October 29, 2009

So I think the Winter is Here!

One of the clear signs of season change is shorter days- but what no one ever mentioned to me was that the sun would just D I S A P P E A R! Its true. The past few days have been a solid light grey. No blue sky, no sunshine, just a flat sky of grey. I actualy slept undisturbed until 11:30 am this morning, without realizing it was so late! That can be attributed to the lack of bright morning sun!

So I just wanted to post a bit about my newest ( !top secret! ) project- the perfect tote for your collapsible hoop!

The first tote I am making is in an olive green with some lovely red and yellow details. I love high contrast, bright, and still classic motifs. It has been fun working on my color theory through hoops, art, and other projects! :)

And finally- A sneak peak at my newest collapsible hoop- to be sold with the matching bag debuting this Saturday on my Etsy!

Ok, but don't tell!



Erica said...

I know! I get totally sad when the sun doesn't shine!

Lola said...

Its true- and so lame! Especially coming from Florida where it is all sun all the time! Oly winter makes me sad ! Guess thats why I have to hoop!