Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It's 4 Am- Where's My Art?

(Heart McGee 2009- prints and originals available here)

So here I am-

4:33 AM this Wednesday mornin. The mister is a snoozin and I am awake and prepping for a VERY early cycling class. Doing my best to stay active after an untimely wake up at 4am instead of 5 am.

Some of you may have known that last week I took a trip to see the fam in Florida- such a lovely experience. Lot of lovely, bright, energizing sun and heat! I will tell you that I do NOT appreciate 3-7 yr olds on planes. It seems as if the wee children (younger then 3) are fine, they pass out and are relatively mild mannered. But it is once a child registers that with outrageous emotional outbursts their parents go into ignor and do what you want mode. Gr.

Dave & I arrived back in Florida this past Monday after an overnight delay thanks to AirTran- who was absolutely unwilling to give out any type of compensation. Trust me, 45 minutes later on the phone with Thomas from AirTran and all he could say was that "since it was due to weather..." . Lame.

OK- all these complaints are besides the point :) - I brought the sunshine home when we landed in the flat grey of Seattle on Monday afternoon. And with the sunshine came motivation. Just random sparks that enticed me to paint some small simple things- like this delicious "Mmm Pop!" which is soon going to be altered into a fridge magnet!

I have a few more little snazzles to upload- but here is my latest Daruma. You know I love me some Darumas!

Happy Wednesday!
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