Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Art Fever!

I've been hammering out a bunch of mini paintings the past week! Just trying to keep it simple and clever! I figure this is the best way to keep myself entertained and at the same time get plenty of practice~

Here are a few of my newest ones, I totally am on a food kick- so I started off with some Nachos & Sushis ( YUM! Maybe not combined though!)

Both of these are matted & framed 4x6" originals for sale under $30! You can find them here . A deliciously calorie free delight for the fanatic!

And I couldnt stop myself with just one sushi- I don't even think I can stop myself with two sushis- but for now here is the sashimi that I painted ( are you cravin sushi yet ?)

We are not done yet! Heres "Ma Cleava" in the Ghouly feeling of the season!

IF you live in the Pacific Northwest- or on the Eastern SeaBoard- or any where else where it can rain for 3 days straight and the sun wont come out- then maybe you will love this happy little rain cloud done kawaii style!

These originals are priced very wallet friendly & will make great stocking stuffers for friends who are either art lovers, kawaii fans, tattoo enthusiast- or self proclaimed foodies! Check em out on my Etsy before your favorites find a new home!


Shrimp Salad Circus said...

That sashimi is too cute!!!

SleightGirl said...

OK, thanks...now I'm getting a wasabi craving, with maybe some yellowtail. Yum!

Lola said...

Thanks ShrimpSaladCircus ( just by your name I know we have something in common LoL!)

SleightGirl- I am doing my best to curb my craving by painting them! I too love wasabi!

Erica said...

Those are great! I really like the rain cloud and the butcher knife :)I just made a ton of new aceos, but I have not posted many of them on my blog yet.

Lola said...

Thanks Erica! I m gonna go snoop around your blog and see what prints you have! I too love the cleaver & rain cloud- very kawaii :)

- Awesome shop & sweet scimitar!!