Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Community Thanks

A few days ago Dave & I experienced another passing of a loved one. Our boat was just rocked with the passing of Dave's Aunt a week or two back. It's been tough to go through it again so soon. I stepped back from my blog & art & Etsy and have been spending time with Dave & his familia in hopes of making things easier for everyone.

So last night, I logged into my Etsy to see what was going on and truly felt behind in my business & life in general. Trying to maintain a shop presence on a consistent level daily can be overwhelming. And after having a few days off it seems even more heavy, because I don't feel like I can just jump back in 100% . I posted a Positive Energy thread hoping for a few pick me ups from the community. I just posted and left- just a momentary expression of the self in a community of 1000's of hardworking busy bees! This morning I logged in to check the thread to see if anyone had offered any keys to how I could get my mojo back.

The response was FANTASTIC! I've only been a community member for a few months, so I couldn't expect anything- but I feel like the handful of people that responded were truly caring. After I have spent days hiding from Etsy, Blogging, Twittering and so on and so forth, it was this thread that has got me to write this. A small step in a big picture, but a worthwhile step regardless!

Thanks again to everyone who so kindly spoke up!

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