Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Something you will realize is I am always a day late and a dollar short. I can barely keep up with myself!

About 2 weeks ago I did my first tattoo- it was a squiggly boob. Just a good ole boobie. Just one. To keep him comin back for more! Then I did a Daruma and Dave's co worker ( which is awesome, because I love Daruma's & tattooing has been a long time wish of mine ;) which he then added some gnar waves too.

Yesterday I did my third tattoo- this sweet little cherry blossom:

I am so happy I can't believe I m finally tattooing! After 2 years of watching & getting bailed on for an apprenticeship I am lucky that it actually came to be. I guess I should say thank you to Dave for being super supportive and awesome the whole time.

Anyways, just a quick Tuesday morning post as I am off to revamp Dave & my websites hopefully today!

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