Saturday, September 5, 2009

Holy Moley! Tush! Burlesque Packed the House!


It was Thursday night, quarter after nine, the 4th Ave Tav was packed and the show was about to begin. Our lovely announcer was on, which meant Ms. Mary Jane Green was next, which meant... I was next (after next!). It was the first time I had ever performed- and I stood questioning my desire to do so. But when my tame came- the only escape was the stage, and Lola Ballgazer stepped out to play. So in the end, like I said, we damn near sold out the house, and the crowd was super amazing!

So here are a few shots of me in from the show- I ll have some more of my girls up shortly- but beyond that you can totally see all the shots from the show on faceBook! I will link it to YouTube when we have the video up!


ashumack said...

Lovely photos, and the hoop is awesome! The colors look fantastic with your outfit! I wish we could have come down to see the show.

Lola said...

Thanks so much! There will be another- Dias De Los Muertos Show Nov. 1st, hopefully we'll see you there!