Sunday, September 20, 2009


Continuing on the note of chaos and crazyness-

So through death comes new beginning. It's just strange how quickly one may follow the other.

SaFire's workshop was this past thursday in Seattle. It was something I had been eagerly awaiting since I joined her online community HoopCity, an amazing place for hoopers, poi artists, and all those spiral loves! I couldnt wait to meet the creator of such a great community as well as one of the women whom I have watched hundreds of times on YouTube- where she provides some great tutorials on basic hooping. My digital hoop mentor! I was also excited to meet some local (kinda) hoopers and just hoop with other people! I swear Olympia is barren of hoopers.

This was the amazing hoop group who converged for SaFire's workshop. SaFire ran through some nifty tricks with us for about an hour, making rounds to us individually to work with us on any troubles we were experiencing. I have very bruised knees from trying to learn to walk with my hoop at my knees. Knee hooping is... my downfall. I swear as soon as it gets to my knees I'm essentially just waiting for it to fall- must practice! Here are a few shots from the workshop and the gathering.

Also I finally got hoop with my first client from Seattle- Ms. Amanda. She is so amazing! And somehow she has knee hooping down pat! :) It was lovely to get to hoop with her and she gave the Oddity a new home, as well as the Caramel Apple Swirl which her friend Jenn bought!

This lady is going to be an amazing hooper! As a matter of fact she is participating in a Duathalon right now I think! ( Sending some best wishes not to puke ! at 11:08 this Sunday mornin Amanda!) :)

While at the workshop- I met Anne of Seattle Hoopla ( picture below) ( shes the lady to the right of me ( I m the lady on the right!:))

Anne teaches hoop classes weekly in Seattle- check out her site here so you can get the low down on Anne & her classes. So through Anne I got my first batch order of hoops & I will be doing some design for her as well.

See- so quick, the cycle of up and down, round and round!

SO here are some new hoops I made for her fall class- super pretty!

If you want a custom hoop- message me on my Etsy! I love making hoops- I love to create these items which will bring smiles to so many people!

Ok, so at the close of the workshop portion of the meetup SaFire had us do a breathing, energy focus type practice that made for some cute pictures! Look at all these hoops & all these hoopers!! So happy!

Then of course- the sun went away and LED came out to play! Time to let the pictures do the talking! We <3 getting FUNKY! I didnt get the opportunity to personally meet everyone- so if you are here come give me a shout at HoopCity I m Lola!

LED Hoops are amazing and make for fantastic pictures and video! And they are super fun to hoop in just watching everything go round and round in a swirl of bright light and color!

I was amazed at this guys ground hooping! It was like he was blending breaks & hooping- awesome! ( See picture below- if you look closely you can see a large swirling hoop off his foot!! )

And voila, the day began- so the day ended.

THANKS SO MUCH TO SAFIRE! For being great inspiration, and so kind- and for creating hoopcity. MWA!

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ashumack said...

Yay, I'm so grateful for the lovely blog and pictures of us with the hoops! Thanks to Dave for all the great photography! I loved the class too, and I loved getting to hoop with my new hoop friend/goddess Lola. I'm so proud of you for getting the business with Hoopla too! Love ya, Ms. Lola!