Saturday, September 19, 2009


My goodness. I have some friends piping up in my life that are proclaiming, "Mercury is in retrograde!" which I suppose they are crediting all the chaos in their lives too.

I just feel a strange sort of balance and reality that things are just in motion, maybe a bit faster and heavier then normal. Let me explain...

It all started one average morning last week. On the hunt for one of the gato's to say bye, Dave found him sitting calmly on the neighbors stoop- when he called Irish(frankenkat) didnt come so he went to pick him up. I heard him call for me to come get Irish and when I came outside I was shocked to see Irishimo's leg covered in blood and then a large open wound on his stomach. So voila- things go code red out here at The Flying Carpet. So to make a long story short, Irishimo frankenkat is fine, some 30 something staples, a handful of stitches, a big bill he lives... and is contiunously trying to escape- even with his wounds.

Onward ! This blog is going to be a beast! Sorry - but I promise no dull moments-

Next up- death.
Finality. Fin.
Love, Laughter, Sorrow.
This past Wednesday we found out the tragic news that Dave's Aunt Rosie had passed. It was the phonecall we got while still lying in bed starting the day. Rosie was such a beautiful person, I first met her when we got here from Florida. A sweet blonde haired woman in her early fifties full of smiles, laughters, and the best oddities. I remember one great evening we had with her, Dave's Mom Patty, and the third sister Mezzo. It was so HILARIOUS- I can't remember laughing so hard in such a long time. I mean, laughing til you are in outer space kinda laughing!
So, a word of Peace to Rosie.

We missed Rosie's last night out for Patty's birthday (the night before her passing) because I was doing my first tattoo. Life's Paths are strange.(Picture when it's healed!)

I will be posting on the Hoop Workshop With SaFire tomorrow! Consider it Pt. 2!

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