Sunday, March 21, 2010


My goodness, I must apologize for the step away from my blog these past 2 weeks.

My life has been flourishing in so many different ways, and I can barely keep up with myself! I am steadily moving towards my goals for this month. I have applied & been accepted to an awesome Yoga program at the St.Petersburg Yoga Center here in Florida & I am almost at my months sales goal of 10 sales! 7 so far & just 3 more to make it! So far this month I have been in 2 treasuries & 2 blogs, as well as a Youtube video feature. Things have definitely progressed all around! Below you will see my newest print available on Etsy- be sure to check it out full view Here!

   Currently my health is a major focal point in my life, as it should always be. I will admit the past two years have really been detrimental to my body, as well as emotional, and mental health. I firmly believe that when one of those aspects is off center- it reflects in the others too. So after putting on much weight & really becoming drastically down about it, I have taken initiative and started an amazingly refreshing & strong workout program! Look out for my next post which details this program, and includes my (very) embarassing measurements haha!

Happy Day & thanks for checking in!

P.S. Also- next post I will be starting a new GIVEAWAY! Be sure to check in middle of next week!

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