Friday, March 5, 2010

Embracing Change...

   Good afternoon!
   Happy Friday!

   So many momentous things have been occuring in my life this past week! From features on LisbonSky to YouTube, I have certainly been feeling the love on this digital scape. The past week has really been a hustle for me on a few different levels. Long ago- before so much changed in my life and confuddled my routine with wishy washy ... confusion, I was once an avid yoga and fitness lover and partaker. I realize that a large part of my unbalance at this time is because I did not stick with my routine- and therefore,  went through multiple physical & emotional changes that I personally say have not been positive. What I'm getting at here, is I finally sat down this week and assessed my current situation and decided to go for my Yoga certification this may at the Samarya Center in Seattle. I feel focused and progressive and am diligently working on a plan to organize my finances by that time- including a radical sale! - at my shop :) In addition to that new development, I'm hopping back across country next Tuesday... (i think?) to Washington to pursue this education and wrap up the home improvements there with Dave. And then I believe we are looking at houses down here in St. Petersburg?? Hahaha- who knows anymore?!

So just a final tidbit- I've been sticking with my project 365 on flickR ( see right for my most recent uploads). Some acid-free fine art prints are available at my Etsy and I am happy to take on custome orders! Here's my pic from yesterday, March 4th.

Much love & happy weekend!

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