Sunday, January 24, 2010

Triumph in Shang Hai

Happy Sunday everyone!

To my personal disbelief I have been in Florida for two weeks (as of tomorrow!). Time has flown by and although I've thought often of my lost love, and my two kittens ( Sasquatch & Irish) but all in all, I must say- the Florida sun has kept me full of endorphins and positivity!

I have been hard at work restocking my hoop shop and painting. As a challenge to myself I kinda made a promise to do thirty paintings in thirty days. I am successfully on day four with my newest painting of a traditional japanese lady. If you are interested in keeping up with my art, please follow my deviant art account here!

It's been fun being back with my family in Florida, my two brothers, parents, Schnucki & Niko ( dog & cat respectively) are a pretty tight knit clan. Since moving to Washington State I definitely felt way too separated and am grateful to have this opportunity to spend time with them. Although the house is a bit of a clusterf*ck excuse my language, it is cleaner & more positive then my previous residence.

So this afternoon and tomorrow I have the plan of going out and getting into a shop. Essentially my darling Dave and I are slowly and painfully splitting apart - so I dont think I have any need on planning a trip back to Washington, except of course to see my lovely Tush! perform. So far I've skated 8 miles this week- something which was impossible due to terrain and weather in WA, and I feel myself getting back to my natural state of happiness. So all in all there are ups & downs as is usual, but at least things are getting better for me :)

Finally- I just wanted to put a note out there that I have added some gorgeous new Weighted Hoola Hoops too my Etsy - which are great for beginners and a fun workout too.

Stay tuned for another bonus/giveaway/contest in the beginning of February! And I am taking suggestions on what YOU would like it to be!

Much love


Chloe' said...

wow! 30 paintings in 30 days? that's quite a goal, i hope you reach it, your latest painting is beautiful :o)

Lola said...

Thanks Chloe!