Saturday, January 2, 2010

Beginning My VIsion Board for 2010

1.1.10 (pt deux)
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Hi Everyone!

I am stoked to be starting off 2010 proper! I have started my vision board and wanted to post my beginnings here to motivate anyone else. I find it incredibly valuable to have something visual to remind me of my goals on a daily basis. Without something to keep me on track I am honestly a wayward heart! So a few things on my board that I started with were

~ my financial goal to save $1000- it's gonna be a feat, but a fun challenge! I aimed
high because it will keep me motivated- I will be plenty to end up with only
fraction of that in my savings!
~ to be Happier- I know, its a simple concept, but often I become so busy &
overwhelmed that I forget to enjoy the simple things in life.
~ to get into a tattoo shop on a permanent basis, this should help in my savings
~ I also posted an old picture of myself up, because I am aiming to get my body back
to that this year! woot!

~ Everyday I am going to post a new list of things to do to keep me focused and
working consistently towards my goals. Plus it should help with my organizing!
Also, I like to cross things off my list :)

~ Lastly- I like to mix pictures of art, color, quotes and more, so with any luck I
will be finished with my board by the end of the week and will share the finished

Ok, so I think I am off to an ok start- I would love to see everyone elses vision boards for inspiration! Please feel free to post them in your comment!

Finally, I am participating in 365 days of Flick'r ( follow my photostream here : )My day 1 photo is in the upper right hand corner of this post!! Much Love & Thanks for checking in!



Indiesmiles said...

Hi, it's Sue from Indiesmiles.
My vision is a new revamped look for Indiesmiles. Advertisers, don't worry the ad positioning should not change. But we will have a slide show that will highlight all the headline articles!

TheFrogBag said...

Really inspirational! I should try that, great idea!

StunningAnnaK said...

Love this! Good luck with your 2010 goals!!

Lola said...

Thanks everyone! I cant wait to finish the end piece- Going to be very... chaotic- but inspirational!

M.M.E. said...

What a great idea. I'm rooting for you! This is a wonderful thing to start and you will find so much support through the blog community.

SleightGirl said...

Great inspiration! I should try something like that.

Amber. said...

mmmmmm enjoying the simple things --- that`s a good one!!! came here from the etsy forum you started :) come visit me too, if you`d like ;)

happy 2010!!

Splendid Little Stars said...

I love your idea for a vision board of goals! In that photo, it looks like you are in some wonderful place int the western US.

Lola said...

Happily enough - I was in Coloradp at the time- good guess!