Friday, January 1, 2010

Starting it off RIGHT!

Congratulations to our winner DigitalMisfit of the $20 gift credit in our giveaway!

Thank you everyone who partook in my first giveaway- it was such a success I think I may have to do another :)

I apologize for the late post- I had gotten a video of the drawing to post with a special new years greeting- but the upload wont clear. Bummer :/ Regardless thanks again and Congrats!

Coming up later this week- I plan on showing everyone my vision board for 2010 ( which I am working on right now !

I am looking forward to a fabulous 2010- as I must admit I never thought that I would be ending 2009 with 2 successful Etsy shops, a blog, a very HAPPY Hoop company! a few tattoos under my belt and even a burlesque performance! So I truly feel capable of anything- and I hope to share that feeling with you!

Stay motivated and focused, keep your goals clear and within reach- and I know YOU can make anything happen!

Much Love in 2010!

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