Thursday, January 7, 2010

Best Breakfasts' & Unexpected Moves Across Country

Top o' the mornin' to ya!

Here in Olympia, WA there is only one place to get breakfast done right. It's a wee cafe at the end of 4th Ave called New Moon Cafe. From what I understand it is owned and run by a young college student which makes this breakfast nook all the more impressive!

Boasting thee BEST coffee I have ever had, always rich, freshly brewed, and served with a smile I find I can never pass up a cup o joe when I am at New Moon.

New Moon offers plenty of Vegetarian & Vegan options, such as a delicious Tempeh Reuben & Tofu scramble. In addition to that they have plenty of carnivorous options including a Smoked Salmon omelette and lots of burgers to boot. I find that the key to New Moon's success is the freshest ingredients around. New Moon is a mark in the local community makes avid efforts to practice sustainable methods. Be sure if you come out to Olympia to try this local fave! (The biscuits are outrageously delicious!)

Ok- so enough about breakfast- I am such a foodie!

In an uncanny change of events I am moving back to Florida on Monday - so in ... 4 days??! In an effort to clear out all my inventory I am having a Buy One Get One Free Sale in both my shops on Artwork & Hoola Hoops!

I find that the grey in Washington definitely puts a damper on my spirit and I am a child of the beach and sun. So my plan is to get down to Tampa, slap on my rollerblades and skate my bum back into shape and get back to the beaches! Secretly I cant wait- but I am nervous because I am leaving Dave behind.I've never had to do a "long distance" relationship and I feel stressed just thinking about it!

Here I am, promising to take it day-by-day and committed to making my life better and not stress about the relationship! In the meantime- you should go take a peek at my Etsy shops and help me clear this motha out!!

Much love,

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