Sunday, August 16, 2009

Seattle HempFest- Gotta Love Greenery!

The Seattle HempFest is arguably one of the largest gatherings for hemp supporters and marijuana enjoyers to meet up within the states. Dave & I decided to check it out and see for ourselves what kind of shenanigans were taking place.

Thankfully he and I ended up arriving a bit late in the day so the masses were moving out like lazy cattle. Cops hearded hordes of stoners of all natures through crosswalks and traffic in downtown Seattle. A humorous site in itself... masses of stoney folks? Haaha!!

The best things were the conversations we heard as people passed by. Ridiculous people just realizing that they and their friend were rambling about two completely different things. :)

Some sites that made me sad were the fact people did not respect the ground which was hosting the gathering of fire friendly folks. Trash was strewn across the entire area and bags were over flowing as volunteers did their best to pick up after a giant crew of munchy maddened smokers. This was a point that gets a big fat "Grr!" from me- REALLY? Hippie stoner folks can't even do their best to respect the property and lovely grassy knolls enough to throw their teriyaki kabobs into the garbage? Lame.

Regardless I got some fun pictures of fun activities and Dave and I had a blast blazing up amongst a posse of friendly burners. Nothing too bond worthy- no sweet drumcircle- guess we missed most of the jams except for one last lyricist on the stage. I had fun watchin all these different crews and styles of friends gather in one place to well... puff puff... pass!

So Dave and I are active supporters for the cause... love too burn babe!

Dave took some amazing shots tonight! I love how he always surprises me with his innate talent to view things artistically. Makes him extra dreamy! :)

Of course I brought my hoop! Don't be silly, I don't leave home without it! Like I said, we missed the jamz or there would be a done more pics- but you know what, I am totally grateful for this one more then anything that might ve been!

And on a final note-

This is totally Seattle:

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Katie (Katie's Basement) said...

Sounds so cool! Haha, I'm jealous! Sounds like my type of crowd ;)