Sunday, August 9, 2009

Fun Days

Dave & I went to the Seattle Tattoo Convention yesterday and it was amazing! It was the first "big" thing Dave and I have gotten to do together since we moved out here- it was awesome! Some of the artists' work we had the pleasure of viewing included Aaron Bell, Cory Norris, Derek Noble, Zach Nellican, and of course the good ole boys of Spidermonkey & Cicada Tattoo. It was nice to spend the evening with Dave and to meet so many impressive artists together. Maybe we'll be out in Portland in October?

Next weekend is HempFest out in Seattle and with any luck Dave and I will be able to make it up there for a couple of hours after he works! Its been busy here for us and it seems like we are finally getting "settled" (Laughs! If you could see the house right now- i don't know how settled we'd look! FINALLY getting the bedroom in order!). I CANT WAIT to dance to some music all stoney with my toes in the grass and a hoop on my hips! I was a complete failure at taking pictures at the tattoo expo- but I think I'll be damned sure to get some hippie pics! It's gonna be high-mazing!

On the note of house fixing -upping Im going to post up one of the rooms we redid- 2 days- tore up the carpet, primed and painted (bright mothafuckn orange!) and laid new flooring. Just gotta redo the trim. I'm pretty impressed! One room down, 2 to go. Now that we've got the tools, and I have the time- and some wicked motivation to move past this town- it should be a breeze to wrap up the fix up and sell that motha! I hope we get our passports in line as fast as I can paint and then, personally, I hope we follow the lead of our Aussie friend Adrian as he bounces from country to country tattooin and learning, and enjoying life.

I'm grateful for everything I have... and for the goals I am working towards. Every day I wake up and can't help but get a heartshiver that my best friend is there with me. I'm a lucky person and it pushes me to work harder in my life to maintain the things I love.

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