Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Dirty Little Secret

So earlier this year I found a new love. he's big and round, heavy, and likes to spin in circles!

My hoola hoop! It the most amazingly fun thing to do that helps me to center myself without having to sit perfectly still in some sort of yogic pose battling gnawing thoughts of stupid things as I search for some sense of peace. I've never danced or done anything on that level - but with my hoop i have found a graceful flowing movement which exposes a very sexy hip swaying me- I cant say i've heard my lov complain about it! He'll usually fire up the Bar B while I m out hooping and sit an watch.
Anyways, recently I made a handful of hoops for friends and then (see below Miss Loosie Foot demoing a handful of my hoops at the lake!)

And those great friends encouraged me to share the joy that hooping brings with others via etsy and local sales. So I made my final shop - a place where I can hand make something for all levels of hoopers (HAVE NO FEAR BEGINNERS!! Hooping is for all ages, shapes, sizes and the such. Trust me!)

Check it out- and if you mention that you saw it in my blog I'll be sure to take $5 off of any order. Thanks a bunch!

I'm off to pick blackberries today and reshoot some pictures for TooFastClothing Online- I model some clothes for them here and there. They have some cool items and the such!

Post a new blog maybe even with a hooping vid asap- gotsta enjoy this lovely grey day for now!




Kate8085 said...

They look great!
I am so jealous of people that can spin hul a hoops around their necks, wrists, etc.
I can only do the plain old hip way!

ToBeTattooed said...

Thanks Kate! Once you get started with one of these adult ones you'll find it moakes its way to all different parts of you! I got the neck move down- but not much else! :)