Saturday, August 22, 2009

Etsy Seller KatiesBasement : Promoting Peace, Love, & Joy

So here I am on this super sunny Saturday morning in Washington. 12 days til opening night of Tush! (Ack!) I am going to peel my mind away from costuming and dance to share with you this amazing Etsy seller . I ran into her in the forums and loved her earthy wares. Simple classic style suitable for any happy person- along with her lovely jewelry- her message is potent and is something I support. P E A C E

Featured here are Katie's "Down the Rabbit Hole Earrings" made of recycle glass and with an added "trippy" spiral swirl :)

I had the joy of asking Katie some questions about her shop and her goals- starting with how she got into crafting ...

"I've been crafting since I was young, but a few years ago I really started to work on my skills and branch out from my favorite items (macrame). I just realized one day during my freshman year of college that I was perfectly content when I was making new things. And even happier when I got to see the look on someone's face when their compliment was returned with "Oh thanks! I made that!" I love being able to pair people with that special piece of jewelry that fits their personality.. and I love being able to spread the ideas of peace and love through my work!"

I have to agree with Katie- being able to spread the ideas of PEACE & LOVE through your craft is such an amazing thing... hence why I do hoola hoops! And the accomplishment you feel after constructing something that you know someone will enjoy is a great feeling!

I love this necklace - and her description is so fitting "This piece both sums up my entire line as well as my entire personality. It is created totally from natural materials and is the single favorite piece in the collection." She goes on to call this piece her favorite in her collection saying she "...was having one of those days where the creative juices just didn't really flow, so I decided to do a self portrait of sorts. I tried to put my entire personality into a piece of jewelry.. and this is what came out! " ( PERFECT! )

As with any happy hippie- Katie draws her inspiration primarily from nature and she says " I try to steer clear of plastics in favor of natural items such as gemstones, wood, glass, and recycled materials. I also absolutely love the 60's/70's era and everything that went on during that time--the music, the fashion, the mindset--so a lot of my ideas also come from there."

A final note on Katie- I asked her about her goals for her shop and she offered me a bit of insight into her life ...

"To be honest, the entire point of opening the shop and selling my jewelry in general was to try and spread bits of peace, love, and happiness to everyone that comes in contact with my jewelry. My goals for my shop are very open ended at the moment. I'm entering my final year of college this fall at Sewanee: University of the South, and I'm still working out my plans afterwards. I really would love to do the jewelry thing full-time, and I am already well on my way with the Etsy shop, some wholesale accounts in a few cities throughout the south. I'm also batting around the idea of attending graduate school to pursue a masters in art with a focus on jewelry making/metal working! If that's the case, the shop will help me through financing the next few years! In truth, my main goal for the shop is to make a difference in the world. It may seem to some to be a lofty wish, so here is one of my favorite quotes: "If you think you are too small to make a difference, try going to sleep with a mosquito in the room." Haha, I know that as long as I am making one person at a time happy and promoting to them my views of peace and love... even if only for a second, I know that I AM making a difference."

I think Katie said it all for herself- and it was through this interview that I made a connection with a lovely lady who shares hope for a better world through spreading peace in a nonviolent manner.

Thanks for checking out OUR message and supporting OUR cause it is also YOURS- unifying people in the goal of PEACE and LOVE.

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