Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Knit Creations

Hi Everyone!
I hope everyone is enjoying the season! <3 Family & <3 Friends!

I am so happy to finally have finished my most recent project. I have always wanted to knit- but was never able to grasp the ((surprisingly simple- once you get it ;)) "how-to" of it. This past week I decided on a random trip to Micheal's- in a random moment of randomness to pick up a ball of yarn and some needles. A short ride home and 10 minutes to research and I was off to my first knitting experience. I had tried a few times before- unsuccessfully and always put it down and forgot about it. But this time was different- I did some research, cast-on and was off to a blissful rhythmic knitting voyage. LoL!

Anyways- the first thing I knit was this lovely rich cowl- which I then decorated to my taste and have thus named the Luxe Cowl. Its darling- but punky and I think fits my style excellently!

It was really fun- although somewhat more detail oriented then I had originally expected- and I have never worked with lace before but a few hours and Voila!

So then I was off to my 2nd creation- the uber sext Corset Cuff- a little lace, a little sparkle and Mee-ow! I love this incredibly comfortable and warm wrist cuff. Lady like yet casual and fun spirited!

I just wanted to post a sneak peek before I list them on Etsy- they will be custom order so you can pick the colors!


p.s. I have tons of new art- including Robots & Corsets!

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