Thursday, November 5, 2009

Twitter. ( and more!)

It was inevitable. As a small business owner online you must access as many resources as possible to promote yourself & goods. The more venues you are presented in the more likely you will garner new fans & sales!

So I caved, and started a twitter account. I limit myself to a tweet in the morn & a tweet in the evening ( isn't that some sort of song? LoL).

I also decided that I am going to use my twitter for top secret promotions! So if you are interested in getting some SNEAKY DEALS - check it out HERE.

Other then that, life in Washington has been good! TUSH! had it's second show at the BrotherHood ( known as the BroHo to Oly folks ) and it had a great turnout & they put on a fantastic show. I wasnt able to be a part of this performance, but truly- thats ok. I am going to be a part of the Pink Oyster Cult performance in February & I am already getting started on picking a song. The super exciting news is that I am going to barter a tattoo for a custom corset-- MEEEOW!

Here's a picture of my current hometown from last winter- it is truly beautiful here!

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