Monday, November 16, 2009

The Spy & The Tadoo

Dave & I had an unexpected treat this week when we found out our Aussie brotha Adrian Krygsman was going to be doing a guest spot @ Lacey's Finest. ( The shop at which Dave tattoos at.) With the added bonus staying with us. He's our first guest at Casa Sinor - the Tin House at The Flying Carpet. :) Its currently a half wreck due to construction holdups in the backroom (HA!). It is a very long blog prejct which I should have planned better!

We initially met Adrian at the Ink Traveler's convention last February in Vancouver, WA, having similar tastes in artwork to Dave these guys hit it off immediately. Hanging around Lacey's Finest on Saturday there was a full shop- Nick Ackman, Dave, Adrian, Andreas (guest piercer), and me-the spy. I think it was a frigid rainy day; therefore it was pretty relaxed at the shop- if I remember Andreas (off to Berlin in 2 weeks ( a sad hoo-ra!)) was dealing with a Whiskey sickness and everyone was talkin ta'doos. Lots of inspiration and dragon claws were produced.

The day was finished off by Dave tadooing this sweet Dancing Wolf on Adrian's leg between a severed head from ...( I'm gonna have to get the name, sorry mate!) and a mum done by Horiyoshi III.

Pretty fucking rad.

The next day was a quiet day with just Adrian and Dave- so I got tadoo'd. Adrian has been drawing some rad mums- so I was definitely feeling those- and I tossed out the idea of a rat and he was stoked! I got a sweet Rat in a Mum with a Cheese Moon on the back of my left arm. I'm going to post a few pics once it's healed cause my arm fat got super swole the day of.

Happy Fuckin Birthday! On a completely different note- here's a rad shot of Adrian and I quote " Makin [his] balls slap" There is nothing more refreshing then shop humor. Dirty mouths & dirty minds abound. I often find myself being thankful for the company.

Monday Adrian did a guest spot at the newly remodeled SpirderMonkey Tattoo in Olympia, WA and the three of us hung with Skrappy and had a little paint session. Skrappy was trying to get the VCR hooked to watch some sweet ass older episodes of Tattoo TV with Aaron Caine- but a few minutes of fistfuls of wire and we said "Fuck This". We saw a collection of ... weaponry that was quite interesting and I made a sidenote of who I would go to in case of Zombie Rising.

So in finally it was a marvelous weekend and a great way to start the season of friends!


TheFrogBag said...

Wow, wow! That wolf is amazing!

Lola said...

thanks! Dave is an amazing tattooer! ( )